One Week To Go!!

With only one week to go I am getting so excited! Yesterday, I received my eticket and visa for flying next Friday and it’s finally starting to sink in now that I am really moving to Dubai! So next week I will be leaving GLA (Glasgow International) for DXB (Dubai International) at 13:00! I won’t deny that I am starting to panic a little. Trying to pack my suitcases has been impossible with a 50kg limit. When I started to pack I quickly realised that I have amassed a ridiculous amount of clothes over the past few years. I had a wardrobe jam packed full and two massive suitcases that I have been using as storage to sort through!! After about 8 hours of deciding what could go and what could stay, I couldn’t really believe the amount I had to get rid of. I had bags and bags and bags of clothes and other rubbish to either go in the bin or to take to the charity shop!

So I currently have one full case and one half packed case and still have nearly my whole room to fit in to the remaining space and hoping it doesn’t go over the 50kg limit! However, I have become a bit of a pro at packing my life in to a couple of suitcases as this is not the first time I have moved my life half way across the world! When I was 9 my family and I moved to Perth, Australia for about a year and then again when I was 17, my parents and I moved to Houston, Texas where I completed my final year of high school.But really, my general tactic is to just pack it all in and cross my fingers and hope for the best when I get to the airport, haha!

Last week, I began to say my goodbyes. Starting off with saying goodbye to my oldest friends! We all have the best laugh when we are together and Saturday was no different. We all went for a meal together at Ganges, an Indian restaurant in Carnoustie and arguably the best one in the world in my opinion!! It is my favourite!  If you ever find yourself in this tiny town in Scotland, make sure you go. We enjoyed our meal and went back to my aunties house for drinks after. leaving-night-1



Thank you for a great night guys, will miss you all so much!



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