Golden Call


After 13 weeks of almost complete silence from Emirates I had almost lost hope. I had sort of resigned myself to the fact that that was it I wasn’t going to hear at all. I am now aware that at some point in most candidates long waiting process they receive an on hold email explaining that training courses were full and their applications would be kept for when space becomes available. I, however, did not receive one of these emails!! So on the 29th of September 2016 I was at work in Michael Kors, on my break I decided to check my phone and there it was a missed call from that +971 Dubai area code. As my parents live in Dubai I thought for a minute that maybe it could just be them trying to get in contact with me from a different number but I was so excited at the thought of it finally being Emirates getting back to me I returned the call immediately. The phone rang and rang again and I was greeted with a voicemail message I couldn’t believe it the office had closed for the weekend!! Well it is safe to say I called them back numerous times during my break just hoping that someone would answer but sadly they did not. I quickly googled the number and this confirmed that it was definitely Emirates! I couldn’t believe I had missed their call after waiting for so long! So I had no choice but to wait until Sunday morning for the office to open again to be able to call them back. First thing Sunday morning I called them back to again be greeted by an automated message. They were closed for an extra day as it was Islamic New Year!! AHHH! So there I was still with no answer and having to wait another 24 hours. Monday morning (October 3rd), 5am, I phoned back. FINALLY!!


Rachel from HR answered to let me know I had been successful. I could not believe it!! I was so happy and excited!! I facetimed my mum immediately to tell her she was also soooo excited that I would finally be joining her in Dubai!! I then proceeded to call my boyfriend Charlie, my entire family and all my friends to tell them the good news! Thank you all for believing in me from the beginning and reassuring me through those long stressful 13 weeks!!


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